• Early-stage Entrepreneurs: 

If you're new to the world of business or just starting to venture into entrepreneurship, this program is designed with you in mind. We focus on practical and actionable strategies that will get your business off the ground and bring in your first paying clients.

  • Struggling Business Owners: 

If you've been running your business for a while but aren't seeing the revenue growth or client base expansion you desire, GPC can provide you with new techniques and a fresh perspective.

  • Tech-Averse Individuals: 

If you've felt held back because you're not tech-savvy or are intimidated by complex marketing systems, GPC is for you. We teach simple yet effective methods that don't require intricate tech skills or extensive knowledge of digital marketing.

  • Marketing Novices: 

If you're inexperienced in crafting compelling business messages, GPC can provide you with the tools and guidance needed to create powerful messaging that resonates with your audience and drives sales.

  • Inaction Heroes: 

If you've been stuck in a cycle of over-planning and under-acting, GPC will guide you towards valuing action, practical experience, and authenticity over perfect plans and ideal circumstances.

  • Value-First Entrepreneurs: 

If you believe in serving people with the value that you have right now, this program aligns with your ethos and will enhance your ability to do so effectively.

In Essence...

GPC is perfect for anyone who's ready to roll up their sleeves, ditch the needless faff, and start making authentic connections with potential clients in a simple and effective way. If you're prepared to redefine your approach to business and start building as you fly, then GPC is the ideal program for you.

Get ready to join the 300 club and add 300 new followers to your account every month. We'll explore all the exciting ways to grow your presence on the platform, from sprucing up your profile to creating content that will make your followers say "WOW!". You'll learn how to harness the power of the Instagram algorithm to skyrocket your reach. It's going to be a wild ride, so buckle up and let's have some fun growing your Instagram account together!

"more bookings in one month than ever previously"

Having Cordelia coach me in my photography business has been a game changer. Cordelia has gotten me to niche down & get very specific, my branding photography. I've taken more bookings in one month than ever previously & made more income from one shoot than previously would've been three!  

She is the kick up the arse, pull your eyes WIDE open-to the-possibilities-injection everyone needs. And all this during a pandemic too!  


"Quick and impressive impacts"

Working with Cordelia is like taking an energy drink that boosts you and helps you create quick and impressive impacts within your own business.  Her advice and coaching comes from a very loving & practical place - based on her own direct experience.  So if you want to ‘get down in the trenches’ with someone who has built up their own online business, and knows the short-cuts and the way to create the maximum effect with minimum fuss, then Cordelia is your ‘go-to’!


"Priceless for my business"

I love having Cordelia Kate by my side. Only she can listen to you and in 10 minutes give you the advice that completely transforms your business. Honestly, her advice has been priceless for my business and I couldn't be more grateful! I truly value her honesty, knowledge, efficiency & energy. If you wish to get your business to the next level and be sure that the methods that you're taught are really working - she is the coach to go to!


When does the programme start?

The party is ready for you to join... right now! We've beta-tested this programme, got our second, third and fourth cohort through the door, and you're going to be joining this exclusive GPC community. So the programme is already live, but we have new people joining all the time - so you'll never be alone, and we're a friendly bunch. 

Will this offer be available again?

What if I need some support?

We have tonnes of support for you. From live mastermind sessions each week (for twelve weeks), access to our incredible private community of rebels where I will be giving you feedback on your work and daily support with questions that come up, we trust you'll feel more supported than ever before.

What if I can't pay all at once? 

No worries, we offer bespoke payment plans. You can discuss your available options on the 1:1 Application Call. Submit your application and book a day and time that suits you.

How much can I expect to earn from coaching?

I will teach you and help you implement in-depth everything I did in my business. If you implement what I say, the sky is the limit, and you will get your investment back quickly! For example, one of my recent clients had six paying clients within two months of us working together, hitting £20k in her new business. Another had a £5k week just weeks after joining.

Can I do your private coaching instead?

Yes. However, I only take a limited number of clients for Private Coaching. Depending on availiability, investment for 1:1 coaching starts at £10k.

In my mind there are two options. The question is: are you ready to make the right choice?

Stay stuck in the mindset that your business has less hope of thriving right now, after all we're going through the largest recession in history... so we'll just decide that it's clearly the reason you're not making enough sales right now.


Have the tenacity to pivot. Change your plan, change your message, pour some Rebellious rocket-fuel onto your cornflakes and ignite like an entrepreneur on a mission to SUCCEED, whatever the season.

Are you ready? Let's do this!

No, we're about to double our prices due to the immense value we're adding to the programme.


"At last the course that showed me HOW to do it"

Cordelia, huge thank you for what you do for us. You are giving us all of you and beyond. At last the course that showed me HOW to do it, exactly step by step from A, to B, to C up to Z. TOTAL CLARITY, LIVE INTERACTION, NEVER-ENDING SUPPORT, these were 3 best things that helped me going. It’s a joy to learn from the one who knows her stuff and that’s you.


"In just 10 weeks I... got my first clients!"

In just 10 weeks I created a Brand, Mission & Vision, then a Facebook group, and a course and got my first clients! Cordelia has such a great motivational energy and always had the insight and answers to keep me going and achieving. Value packed all the way and I can't wait to work more with "Coach" Cordelia 

 "made wonders for me"

The programme has made wonders for me.  From entering the course, with no client at all, not even a structure or a decided product, I managed to have this all established by week 8!  And the feeling was amazing! Not only money-wise, but to really have realised why I´m doing what I do and what my real worth is. 



"She helped me create a business from SCRATCH"

Working with Cordelia has been such an amazing experience! Not only is she supportive, extremely knowledgable, and authentic, she is also SO much fun and you feel so energetic and uplifted to move forward in your business. She helped me create a business from SCRATCH and it’s truly been an amazing ride. I would fully recommend working with her! 

Hey! I'm Cordelia Kate, The Rebellious Business Coach. I work with rebelliously emerging entrepreneurs.

I teach them how to build and grow an online business they love from scratch.​

Guess what? I'm not going to bang on about my story here. From rags to riches. "In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn." Yeah, yeah, we've heard it already. So instead, I want to share with you what's so important to us:

Community is one of our core beliefs. It is at the heart of EVERYTHING we do. Rebellious Business is a community. Community in our team, community at the RBN and community inside our programmes. When you join the Get Paying Clients Accelerator, you become part of the family - a family where you are safe to be yourself, cared for, and treated like someone important because you are!

The Financial BS - You know that entrepreneurial trophy cabinet that the business industry gets us measuring ourselves against - yeah, we don't have one.

We care about how HAPPY you are, how fulfilled you are, and how extraordinary your life is. We focus on pushing you to be the BEST you can be holistically, not just how many sales you can make. That's just a part of it.​

A Rebel With A Cause - Rebellious here means "having the tenacity to be the wildest, most extreme version of YOU - after a lifetime of feeling like you just want to fit in". We're all-inclusive, accepting, and encouraging of you being yourself, representing your Business as yourself, and running biz aligned with who you really are.

Ditching the digital dust: There's a strong reason why we're so big on support here. We'll never have thousands of people in our programmes because we KNOW that too many courses are already gathering digital dust in our inboxes. Instead, we would rather work with a smaller group of vibrant, bold and courageous rebels. Working with Rebellious Business is different from getting some self-study course that relies on you to figure it all out independently.

I am not just about success. I believe success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure - I have been there, and it sucks. So I help experts create success with soul. The kind of success that makes you feel excited to bounce out of bed every day because your Business is your passion, and that is the best position anyone can be in!

Cordelia x

Earnings and income representations made by Rebellious Business are aspirational statements only of your earnings’ potential. The success of Cordelia Kate, testimonials and other examples used are not a guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results. Individual results will always vary and yours will depend entirely on your individual capacity, work ethic, business skills and experience, level of motivation, diligence in applying Cordelia Kate’s programs, the economy, the normal and unforeseen risks of doing business, and other factors.

Note: The figures stated here are really not the most important numbers. The most important figure is the return you are likely to make back on your investment.

Do you Have the BALLS to Get Paying Clients Now?

...If so It's Time to:

  • Let Go of Perfection Paralysis 
  • Figure Out Your 'Right Now' Message  
  • Market, Pitch and Sell TODAY

Using the Rebellious Business Method

...Don't Think You're Ready? Lets Chat About it

APPLY FOR THE Get Paying Clients Programme






Now you're getting cash sales, we need a cash flow system! So here's a valuable little bonus training that is designed to help you to understand how to optimise your income and manage expenses effectively, so that you can maintain a healthy financial situation. With this training, you'll have the tools and knowledge to effectively manage your cash flow, reducing stress and increasing profitability.





This training will teach you everything you need to know about being comfortable and confident on camera. From tips on lighting and sound to overcoming stage fright, you'll learn how to make the most of your camera time. By the end of the training, you'll have the skills and confidence to create high-quality videos that showcase your personality and message. So, say goodbye to camera shyness and hello to camera "hi"!








"The complete Rebellious package is solid gold"

I can’t recommend Cordelia enough. She cuts through the usual coaches’ crap and gives you clear actionable support from Day One.. If I have a stumbling block then I know that I can ask Cordelia and she’ll have a great suggestion for overcoming it. 

She has assembled a kick-ass team around her and the complete Rebellious package is solid gold.



Fifteen modules of over-the-shoulder, step-by-step training:

to help you set up your business and sign clients quickly, efficiently , and with strategies you can repeat.

Twelve weeks of live Q&A Mastermind sessions: 

where we share screens, strategise, look at your progress, answer questions, hold you accountable and keep you on track.

Daily support: 

in-between LIVE sessions we're on hand to answer any questions and support you however you need with implementing the strategies we teach.

Coursework Feedback: 

share your work with us in our private members group area so we can give you feedback to you and help you improve where possible.

Industry Leading Guest Expert Trainings: 

to bring you a profound deeper, more detailed training in some niche areas - because not one coach knows everything!​

​Monthly Mindset Masterclasses: 

Every month our in-house Rapid Transformation Coach, Gary Rankin, hosts live coaching sessions to help you overcome the blocks that are preventing you from achieving success.​

​KPI Performance Check-In: 

At eighty days into the programme you will be invited to a 1:1 call to go over your KPI's and strategise your next steps.

The Get Paying Clients (GPC) program is perfect for:

Get Paying Clients QUICK!



Business Building is My JAM

Your Offer Has To Connect and Convert

Yes. Here's how

I've built Get Paying Clients 90 Days Accelerator to serve you everything needed to get paying clients into your business fast

I'm humbled by our successes... 

But unfortunately, not everyone had success.  

That's partly down to you

You must use what I give you, and do the work... 

but I knew I could give more to each and every Get Paying Clients 90 Days Accelerator student so they made their first sales. 

And I've cracked it at the perfect time for you

You get all the business-building wisdom in the Get Paying Clients 90 Days Accelerator, and you always have. 

You master business building from top to bottom

We help you create a business with your unique spin on it, that's got a powerful engine ready to start-up and take you any place you want to go. 

But just because your business exists and functions, doesn't mean it thrives

Just because you have a drivable car, doesn't mean you'll get people to join you on a life changing road-trip... 

Let alone pay you for it 

To get an even higher Get Paying Clients 90 Days Accelerator student success rate, we've added more: 

  • Recorded Training 
  • Physical Resources
  • Personalised Support 
  • 1:1 and Group Coaching

Ensuring you'll create and showcase exceptional buyability in your offers

(which is just one of the features that makes the Get Paying Clients 90 Days Accelerator exceptionally buyable... and see how well we're communicating it?)

Can This Actually Help You?


Get Paying Clients QUICK!

...and Set Your Business Up For Lasting Success!


Master the build-as-you-fly strategies that get you sales repeatedly

...and Set Your Business Up For Lasting Success!


Master the build-as-you-fly strategies that get you sales repeatedly

Taking Technophobic, Marketing Novice, Service-Based Business Owners Who've Not Made Sales/ Got a Couple Clients Drizzling in...

  •  To Landing Regular 1:1 Clients, 
  • Selling Out with 1-to-Many Offers, 
  •  Building a Passive Sustainable Business'

APPLY FOR THE Get Paying Clients Programme

APPLY FOR THE Get Paying Clients Programme

After completing the Get Paying Clients (GPC) program, you can expect:

  • Confidence in Selling: 

Participants will gain the confidence needed to effectively promote and sell their products or services, having learned the key components of successful selling.

  • Solid Understanding of their Audience: 

They will gain a deeper understanding of their potential clients, including their needs, desires, and what truly drives them to make a purchase. This allows for more effective targeting in marketing efforts.

  • Effective Messaging: 

Participants will learn how to craft compelling and persuasive messages that resonate with their target audience, making marketing and sales efforts more successful.

  • Practical Marketing Skills: 

They will acquire marketing skills that are actionable and result-oriented, allowing them to start seeing results as they implement these techniques in their business.

  • Increased Sales and Revenue: 

As a result of the new skills and strategies learned, participants can expect to see an increase in sales, leading to higher revenue for their business.

  • Resilient Mindset: 

The program also focuses on fostering a resilient and adaptive mindset, essential for navigating the unpredictable journey of entrepreneurship.

  • Community and Networking: 

Lastly, participants will be part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, giving them a platform for networking, collaboration, and mutual support.

Remember, while the GPC program is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge to achieve these outcomes, your individual success will also depend on the effort and dedication you put into applying what you learn.

APPLY FOR THE Get Paying Clients Programme