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 Get A Client Now: Learn A Simple, Yet Effective                Strategy To Sign Your Next Client Now!

WITHOUT Paid Ads or Spending Hours On Social Media.

WITHOUT product Launching or Spending AGES Building Stuff

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Here's What You'll Get:

The Get A Paying Client Workshops:

Two 60 minute workshops to teach you the marketing & sales strategies 

The Template Workbook:

A step-by-step implementation guide for putting the strategy into practice

Sales Script

Harness a tailored sales script to boost your success with the Application Close Method.

Your 1:1 Soundboard Session:

A private 1:1 session to fine-tune your ideas with a soundboard pitstop session for tailored insights before you start implementing them.

ALL Of The Above For ONLY £22!

Get Your Next Client Now!

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Imagine though, if you could learn a simple strategy that just got you clients now, WITHOUT all the hustle and stress...

You know that feeling when you're working SO hard on so many things in your business, but no matter what you do it feels like it's flatlining?

Maybe you've got some clients on a whim, but finding new ones feels like you're pulling a dead rocket along, instead of the rocket launching you!

…the reason you started this in the first place was that it would propel you into another world, one where you were YOU called the shots, not your boss. Where YOU were making a difference.

But the truth is, it feels hard. Especially when you're doing all the things, but still your cashflow's motionless!

They said batch-creating content was what you needed. 

They said hashtags were important. 

They said a Facebook Business page was essential. 

They told you to get a website. 

They said all the Reels were essential.​

So you did all of those things. You got a website, put up some content, made the posts, did the hashtag digging… but still, it's like trying to light a wet fuse!

Imagine though, if you could learn a simple strategy that just got you the clients WITHOUT all the hustle and stress...

They said all the Reels were essential.​

So you did all of those things. You got a website, put up some content, made the posts, did the hashtag digging… but still, it's like trying to light a wet fuse!

Your Get A Client Journey:

Limited Time Special!

Access The Workshops & Handbooks Now For ONLY £22! 

The Strategy + The Templates + The Sales Script + Your 1:1 Soundboard Sesh





Don't Just Take My Word For It... Here’s What Our Rebels Are Saying About How This Strategy Helped them:

Who's Cordelia, and what's Rebellious about business anyway?

Frequently Asked Questions

I want this, what exactly am I getting?

You are getting access to two LIVE Workshops fit to boot with templates, scripts & a private one-to-one Soundboard Session. That's 2 x LIVE training sessions to attend and everything you need to absolutely CRUSH this strategy!

Do you offer more in depth help?

Yes. We give you everything you need in this micro programme, but for people that want further help we offer different options for getting tailored hands-on support with growing your business. If you're interested in working with us closer, we can have that conversation.

Who is this for?

Small and start-up business owners who need more clients and want to be running a highly successful business they are passionate about.

When are the workshops?

The Get A Client Now workshops are Monday the 26th June and Tuesday 27th June at 12pm UK Time. You need to attend BOTH sessions as in session 1 we are teaching you the strategy and how to execute it, and in session two we are showing you how to get people applying for your offer and how to turn those applicants into clients.

What is Rebellious Business?

We are marketing experts that work with coaches, consultants and mentors in their first few years of business to ensure and support their pathway to success. 

We specifically work with individuals to help them build a business that is seriously aligned to WHO they are, and the lifestyle they want to create for themselves.

How is this different than all the other stuff out there?

Every business is different, and we put that at centre stage here. Not EVERY strategy or EVERY method is going to suit all. If it did, life would be boring. Everything we teach comes back down to being a Rebel, which basically just means being yourself to the core. Unique, individual, and we help you build a business based on that premise. 

What if I can't make it live?

We've got you covered, both of the live sessions are going to be recorded, and we'll be putting everything into one place for you so the workshops and the handbooks are easy to access. 

Destination: Working With A New Client

Vehicle: Your New Repeatable Strategy

Take off: Instant Access To The Workshops


Mastering this proven Excuse-Post strategy 

We're not just talking the talk, we're diving headfirst into the BAYF mentality – a little crazy, a lot of fun, and

a sure-fire way to skyrocket your sales. I'll be breaking down our killer strategy step-by-step. From understanding the essence of BAYF to putting together a winning strategy, we've got you covered. You'll emerge armed with practical tools and tactics that you can apply right away.


Mastering Our Application Sales Technique

We're about to transform the way you do sales. Think less push, more pull - we're making customers come to you!

This workshop is all about getting down to the nitty-gritty. We're going to take a deep dive into creating top-notch application forms and promotions that make customers eager to click 'buy'. Together, we'll dissect the Application Close Method and the Final Call strategy - two game-changing techniques that will turn 'maybes' into 'absolutelys'!

Get ready for a power-packed hour that will leave you equipped with a blueprint for sales success. Say goodbye to hesitation, and hello to confidence and conversions. See you there, it's going to be epic!

 However, we're not stopping at the training, templates and scripts...


Booked At A Time That Suits You

Alright, so you've watched the workshops, gotten a feel for the fresh, people-first, "let's-BAYF-this" approach we live and breathe at Rebellious Business.

Giving you our proven repeatable strategy to sign clients NOW so that you can stop the endless hustle and start implementing marketing that WORKS! 

Teaching you a proven marketing & sales strategy to get a client now

Your content & images mapped out for you, and your sales script ready to use.

A one-to-one call to soundboard your idea and get this implemented FAST!

Limited Time Special!

Access The Workshops & Handbooks Now For ONLY £22! 

Limited Time Special!

Access The Workshops & Handbooks Now For ONLY £22! 

Hey, I'm Cordelia,

and this is me covered in pink paint to prove a point (as you do)... ​

...two fingers up at the corporate-headshot world of put-a-mask-on-and-be-professional!

I'm no anarchist, but I do believe that business can be fun, soulful and passion-fuelled. 

I'm on a mission to bring more HUMAN-ness back into the business world, and help you ethically market a business that you absolutely love.

Let's get ready to rebellll. 




Having the tenacity to be the wildest, most extreme version of YOU and "stand out" online after a lifetime of feeling like you're socially required to fit in.

Get full access to our 2 x Workshops that teach you everything you need to Get A Client Now.


The templates, sales scripts & your one-to-one soundboard session to help you implement FAST!

Limited Time Special!

Access The Workshops & Handbooks Now For ONLY £22! 

Limited Time Special!

Access The Workshops & Handbooks Now For Only £22!

You're probably itching to hit the ground running with these new strategies, right? Hold your horses.

Before you dash off, let's dial it in with a soundboard sesh. Think of this as a strategy pitstop, where we can really dig into your specific ideas, offer some straight-shooting feedback, and help tailor this to your unique business mojo.

At the Get A Client Now workshop we're going to teach you one strategy to get your next client signed up now, and it's simplicity going to BLOW your mind!

You're going to have a brand new strategy in your arsenal that you can repeat over, and over again.

And what's more, once you implement it, you'll be signing clients FAST!

The Get A Client Now Workshops

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Limited Time Special!

Access The Workshops & Handbooks  For ONLY £22!