The rebels are networking in...

The "Absolutely Not" List!

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The Rebellious Business Network costs... nothing! 

That's right, no catch, no hidden fees! 

Dive into a world of authentic connections without spending a single penny. 


Yawn-worthy Elevator Pitches 

Awkward introductions

Cliques and exclusivity

Powerpoint presentations

Monotonous monologues

Stiff "tell us an interesting fact about yourself" prompts



Pushy pitching and hard sales

Generic networking tips

You want to meet new people and make cool connections... but traditional networking feels like a snooze fest?

Sounds like you're ready to Rebel. Here's what we've got in store for you:

Zooming in Style:

We're not just hopping on another Zoom call. We're transforming it into a lively, energetic space where connections come to life.

Sonic Surprises:

With us as your hosts, expect unexpected sound effects that will have you grinning from ear to ear. No monotones here; we're all about the fun frequencies!

A Community of Kindness:

Step into a virtual room filled with the warmest, most welcoming Rebels. At our events, every interaction is infused with genuine kindness and respect.

Game On:

Forget the humdrum breakout room banter. We've crafted a lineup of engaging games and activities. Not only will these break the ice, but they'll also pave the way for connections that go beyond the usual "So, what do you do?"

Beyond Business: 

While business talk is great, we're all about fostering genuine connections. Dive deeper, share a laugh, and discover the stories behind each Rebel.


Sean Courtney, From Dusk Til Sean

"I would 100% recommend anyone to join the show. Cordelia and her team produce real results that help your business grow, with the constant support and enthusiasm you start to feel like part of a community,  then you realise that you’re part of a family."

“Finally a group I look forward to going to, rather than dread! (Besides the fact I could attend in my PJ bottoms and no one would know) it's fun, relaxed and HIGHLY informative - this is the only place you need to be!”

Katie, Brand Photographer

There is no other group that I would invite every member over for a cup of tea in the back garden… the RBN is different! Why struggle through your journey alone when you can strive alongside others who are travelling along the same path as you.

David Pritchard, Productivity Coach

"it's a fantastic opportunity to build truly valuable connections. The atmosphere is just buzzing. You can build your business much faster if you surround yourself with the right people and I believe this is just the right place to meet them!"

Gin, Web Developer

The RBN has a unique energy, driven by Cordelia, which allows for free thought and expression. I feel I am fully supported and encouraged to create and adapt my business, because it is a part of me. I love being part of this group.

Zac Thraves, Mental Health Coach